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Produzione di salviette. Commercializzazione di articoli cartotecnici.
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The constant commitment to research and technical innovation and the great attention to environmental issues have always characterized Saul Sadoch S.p.A. and Francesco Brizzolari s.r.l..

This extreme attention to the environment could not but have an impact on the development of eco-sustainable products.

Choosing Brirex gift paper and ribbons therefore means not only having the guarantee of high quality products, but also a low environmental impact and the preservation of global energy resources.

Already 10 years ago, as a preview at Big Buyer 2011, the coordinated ecoBRIREX collection was presented, Sadoch gift wrapping paper made with 100% recycled paper and Brizzolari ribbons made entirely from recycled materials.

Many collections over the years ranging from gift wrapping paper with "save the planet" themed designs to children's graphics, from retro themes and botanicals to classic stripes and polka dots, with stars and skeins made with the same recycled paper.

The 2023 Collection is enriched with an important novelty: Carta Erba, 100% recycled grass-white kraft paper, obtained from dried grass fiber.

Characterized by a light hay scent, it is a sustainable paper with a particularly natural character and structure, even to the eye.

Highly innovative and economical, it allows saving in cellulose fiber from wood and therefore cutting down fewer trees and reducing CO2 emissions throughout the process.

Completely "ecological" gift packages also thanks to Brizzolari stars and skeins, made using the same paper and embellished with natural designs and colours.