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Privacy policy

Authorization pursuant to the Legislative Decree No. 196 of 2003, Code on Protection of Personal Data:

"Saul Sadoch S.p.A. Rex Prodotti Cartotecnici" is resolutely in favour of the anonymity of who uses the net for legal purposes.
On the opposite is strongly adverse to who intend to cover up, with the apparent anonymity of the net, acts not conforming to laws, regulations or discipline rules and warns that, through electronic registers, is able to trace the IP address of the user, in order to fulfill possible requests of the competent authorities.

Personal data will not be given to third parts, its use will be limited only to "Saul Sadoch S.p.A. Rex Prodotti Cartotecnici" for communications only concerning this contract request. Responsible for the processing of the personal data is the "Saul Sadoch S.p.A. Rex Prodotti Cartotecnici" company.

Aware of what is disposed in the art.13 (Personal Rights), law of 31st december 1996, n. 675 and in the Legislative Decree 196 of the year 2003 and subsequent changes and integrations, the customer consents the processing of the data only in the above-written form.